Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi! I'm writing this blog just to speak out what's inside my head about men, love story, dealing with relationship and all.

Why men? Simply because I love them.. People said that men is less complicated than women. Well I don't really think it's true.. I've dealt with so many men with with all their complications. Especially with men these days. So.. you'll see. About Love and Relationship? Hmm.. these two things that I'm learning recently, especially this past year.

I live in Jakarta now. Usually every night, when I'm all done with work and all that, in my bed ready to close the day, all those thoughts, reflections, contemplations come inside my head. That's why I name this blog a Midnight in Jakarta.

Hope you all will enjoy my blog. I would write in mixed language, Bahasa Indonesia and English. Cos I think there are some sentences that would be so hard to be explain in Bahasa and vice versa. :)

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